Friday, July 15, 2011

What to expect: 8 to 12 weeks

  • go out for frequent walks (Brooklyn can hold it for maybe 5 hours or so)
  • make sure there are plenty of chew toys around
  • you can start training and teaching new commands
  • go to the vet regularly to keep up with the shots
During this time the puppy is growing quickly and my large breed (labrador retriever) is very clumsy and wobbly because of it.  Just last week she was able to walk under the dining room chair, and today she tried to do the same and bumped her head.  Her legs are getting longer and she is not used to it and trips a lot.

The puppy is very curious and mouthy.  She tries everything by trying to eat it.  Rocks, socks, pillows, grass, anything you name she will try to eat it.  We noticed that small rocks were showing up in her poop (clearly we weren't paying attention when she ate them).

Since the puppy's immune system hasn't developed yet be very cautious when going to the park and daily walks.  She shouldn't play with other dogs even if they have been vaccinated.  When we go to pet stores we put her in the shopping cart so other dogs can't reach.   Since it is too early to meet other dogs, it's ok to meet people.  It is ok to let others pet and touch the puppy as long as they are not visibly sick.  If the puppy becomes agitated or uncomfortable don't be shy by asking the person to stop or simply leave. 

Remember, let the puppy sleep.  When they sleep they grow!


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