Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A day out of the office!

A few times a year my company creates a variety of projects where employees can volunteer.  Last year i signed up to paint murals for a local elementary school.  This year they did not invite us back....coincidence???? Perhaps we are not an artistic bunch.  This year i decided to change things up and pick a different project.

Animal Haven in NYC is a non-kill shelter that provides home to cats and dogs who have been abandoned and need new homes.  They have 6 people on the payroll and the rest are volunteers who donate time to clean the place, walk the animals, play with the animals, give them baths and socialize with them.  Our group of 10 did all of the above and extra.  I got to take a tiny terrier mix puppy outside for the first time in his life!!! His little heart was beating a gazillion times a minute.  His name was Inchworm (i hope that's not permanent) and he was adopted a few days later. 

Inchworm - terrier/heeler mix

We also got assigned a puppy to walk/socilaze.  His name was Bam Bam and he has amazing ears that are huge and can probably pick up radio signals from the West Coast.  He was very good at walking on the leash but a little afraid of other dogs and some people.  I don't know why or how he ended up in the shelter but he seemed to be in good condition and improving on his fears.  He is still available for adoption at Animal Haven.

Bam Bam

If you are looking to adopt or even sponsor a pet...def consider Animal Haven. 
Here is the link:
Animal Haven in Soho NYC


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