Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gifts for Office Geeks

1. For the klutz: Spink Cup Holder $20
prevents the spilling of coffee/tea/soda/red bull over precious reports, presentations and laptops

2. For the Facebook addict: Like and Dislike Stamps $12
self inking and are good for up to 5,000 "opinions" per stamp (i suspect my Dislike stamp would run out within 2 weeks tops)

3. For the Annoying type: Bubble Wrap Calendar $30
ooh the pleasure from popping bubbles can never be underestimated...it's a gift that keeps giving every single day if you can control yourself and not pop them all the first day

And the ultimate gift for the Animal Lover Desktop Jellyfish Tank $250
Goldfish are soooo over and Jellyfish are IN!  This is a starter kit so it includes everything tank, gravel, filters, jellyfish and food.


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