Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Today i woke up and felt incredible because i have absolutely nothing to do! No errands, no appointments, no reminders....just to wake up and relax.  It took about two seconds to convince my fiance to go out for brunch.  As long as delicious food is involved he is in.  After a few Yelp reviews i settled on Le Peep in Edison, NJ.  Their claim to fame is best breakfast in the world...and they are super! It was crowded but a party of 2 was no problem to be seated.  I had crepes with fruit (your choice of fruit) with a side of Nutella. It's been 3 hours and i'm still full.  If there is one near you i highly recommend.

Le Peep - Edison, NJ

Fruit Crepes at Le Peep


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