Friday, July 6, 2012

TGIF...i think

So far my Friday feels a lot like morning train was cancelled yet the nice people of NJ Transit forgot to send an alert or make an announcement (i use the word nice loosely, very loosely) and everyone waited in the heat for 30 additional minutes and delays continued all they way into NYC.  

Once i actually made it in, about 45 minutes later than my usual time i felt all out of whack. I missed my usual "breakfast time", also the few minutes i indulge and read the blogs on my blogroll and catch up celebrity gossip. 

Yet when i made it to the cafeteria i was really surprised by the new treat they were serving: Friday Pancakes or Belgian Waffle. Here i am 10 minutes later with my steaming Belgian waffle beyond excited because my typical breakfast is so boring it doesn't warrant any kind of mention.  But today is definitely special!

Hope your Friday is going a lot better. 

Only 8 more hours to go...


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