Monday, August 27, 2012

Reading Right Now

A few months ago I picked up by pure chance the most thrilling book which turned out to be a part in a series of books. I previously wrote about it here. This weekend i was browsing my local Dollar Tree and in their "literary" section was Book 1 of the series, the only one left for me to read. Did i mention it was only a $1!!!! 

The series is written by Anthony E. Zuiker (the creator of CSI).

Day 1 and I'm already on page 123. #cantputitdown If you are into thrillers, mysteries, and murders then you absolutely have to add this to your reading list.

btw in my last review i mentioned the digital feature of this book. You log into and enter a respective code from the chapter if you want to see a short video clip referencing what you just read. At first i thought it was really neat and different feature from any other book i read, but now i think the videos are actually a hindrance. It just feels odd to me because the actors chosen to play the characters are not what i envisioned in my head and it's clashing with my imagination. Best to let your imagination run free.

If you read or are reading the series let me know...i'm dying to talk to someone and get their insights.


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