Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reading Right Now

I just finished reading "Brooklyn Zoo" by Darcy Lockman. My feelings are mixed about the book. The beginning was so dull and so long I barely made it past the first chapter. I have a rule that I like to follow when starting a new book, if the beginning doesn't grab you and pull you in, then put the book down and walk away. Not following my own advice I continued on. It did get better in the middle for a bit, but mostly the narrative was choppy, very dry (with a few sprinkles of crazy here and there) and hard to relate to. I can see how some people might be concerned about patient privacy since there are a lot of private and painful details revealed. However that is not the biggest issue for me, I couldn't relate to anyone and I especially found myself disliking the narrator. Sorry Darcy, but this book should not have been published. 

One more tiny thing I'd like to point out, the dust jacket notes that Ol' Dirty Bastard was a patient at Kings County Hospital, and although it never explicitly states he will be mentioned in the narrative, you are left with the impression that he might be, another let down from the book.

Skip this one

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