Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today is such a rare day i felt it deserved it's own post...after all February 29th only happens once every 4 years!  
And i received a very big surprise from my angel fish, a pair of them decided to spawn and lay some eggs. It is too soon to tell whether the eggs are even fertilized (i didn't actually see it happen, they just magically appeared on a leaf) but hopefully they are.  Apparently there is a ton of steps that I have to take now like separate the parents and other fish or they will eat the eggs (yikes...its kind of like cannibalism), get another tank to grow out the fry if they do hatch and food, heaters, etc.. ah it's overwhelming.  It takes 3 days for the eggs to hatch since they have been laid...and i'm impatiently waiting....tick tock

If the eggs hatch i will follow up for sure!
Mama angelfish protecting her eggs


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