Monday, March 5, 2012

Surprise...Surprise (updated)

Quick note on the status of the eggs: unfortunately that batch did not produce cute little angel fish.  We moved the plant which had the eggs to a different tank and after 48 hours the eggs turned milky white.  Another 24 hours later nothing happened.  Disappointing...but the first batch is rarely successful.  One of the possibilities is that the male fish didn't have a chance to fertilize the eggs before we moved them.  However in the meantime 2 more pairs have formed.  Love must be in the air!  One of the pairs (not the first one, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks for that pair to lay eggs again) laid eggs on the filter. They were being very protective and wouldn't allow any other fish to come close.  This time we decided not to move the eggs out of the tank and let the parents take care of them.  Instead we'll set up dividers to protect the baby eggs from being eaten by other fish.  Tick tock...only 2 days to go before possible hatching.

Did you know there is a line of shoes called Angelfish?...i didn't...they look a lot like boat shoes!


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