Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tea with the Queen

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is coming up this weekend.  Last time i checked i still wasn't part of the Royal family so watching the celebration on TV would have to do. In the meantime here are some interesting facts about her 60 years in power:
* she traveled to over 116 countries
* while on her foreign tour she has received 2 tortoises, 1 seven year old bull elephant named "Jumbo", 2 black beavers - umm cute puppies weren't available???
* some people like to say they invented reality TV, but they didn't.  It was really the Queen in 1969 she had a whole year of the royal family's life taped and shown to the public as a film
* Her Majesty owns 3 corgis now (they have their own Corgi Room and the menu is selected daily) and introduced a new breed of dog the "dorgi".  I guess they do exist! It happened when her corgi mated with a dachshund. Since then a total of 11 dorgis have come and gone.


It appears that the Queen also has a favorite tiara.  After so many years it still looks amazing. (I'm secretly hoping this one would go to Kate Middleton aka Princess Kate)

 I love that she carries her own umbrella...yea Diddy i'm talking to you

I would love to by a fly on the wall in THAT jewelry vault


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